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February 15, 2008

We need to meet. It has been awhile since we last talk to each other and it's past time to check to see where we are at this point. Let's schedule a meeting within the next week.


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Richmond's Recent Home Sales

January 29, 2008

The Weekly Topic

January 27, 2008

Hey guys,

We're going to continue with the topic of creative financing

Let's look for organizations who are willing to offer financial assistance through loans, grants, etc. We will dicuss our findings at this Saturday's meeting. This will be a strategy meeting so let's put the thinking caps on and be prepared to offer suggestions on how to grow this business.


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The Weekly Topic

January 21, 2008

Good Morning,

The weekly topic for this week will be something that you have unanimously chosen, creative financing.

Since there is a pretty strong possiblity that we would need to seek alternative sources of funding, let's do some research on how others are obtaining their financing.

In addition to our research, everyone will be required to contribute one fundraising idea that could benefit the business.

We will talk via google talk, Saturday night, January 26. Make sure you're connected to google talk and have a screen name. My google talk e-mail is and my screen name is CJ Walker. Add me on and I'll accept.

If you need some assistance, contact Charlie.


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New Trends in Richmond

January 13, 2008

The Weekly Topic

January 13, 2008

Just a reminder that the Weekly Topic for this week is our market competition.

There are two types of competitiors, direct and indirect:

A Direct competitior is a business that focuses on offering the exact same product or service that our business offers.

An Indirect competitior is a business that offers the same product or service, BUT it's not the core aspect of their business.

This week, let's find Goodworks' direct and indirect competitors. We'll discuss this at our next meetingSmile


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City Data for Richmond

January 12, 2008

Here's some slightly dated, but excellent information on Richmond. Click on the links to find out some great demographics. There are numerous zip codes available.



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Richmond City & Henrico County Crime Information

January 10, 2008

Good Morning,

Check out these resources for crime stats in Richmond and Henrico. These databases could be very effective resources for us. Take a few minutes and play around with the websites- you can search by neighborhood or police districts:


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Richmond Market

January 8, 2008

I found some great information on the Richmond market and so I put that information into a word document. You can retrieve this document by going to the Good Files section and downloading the Richmond Market word file. Let me know if this is helpful.

 Craig! Innocent

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The Weekly Topic

January 6, 2008

Good Evening Guys,

This will be the format of our reseach topics called the Weekly Topic.

Each week, a new topic will be posted on this blog. We will have at least one week to do our research and then we will discuss our findings via conference calling or our next meeting (depending on which event comes first at the time). Research findings may include websites, articles, videos, books, guest speakers, etc. Be creative- our main goal is to educate each other.

The first weekly topic will be the Richmond Market

Since we are scheduled to start our first flip in March. It's essential that we are fully knowledgeable of our market. In my opinion, if we don't know our market, we've have already failed. This week, let's find some demographics about Richmond and current real estate trends that needs focusing. Let's schedule the deadline for Saturday via conference call. Have funLaughing



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